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Nha Trang

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...except when it's cloudy and cold and too windy for swimming

overcast 20 °C

We arrived at 8am, and were dropped off outside a $6 a night hotel. Score! It was fairly nice, if a little out of the centre, so we checked in. Then we headed straight out to get breakfast. We found somewhere that had a buffet breakfast, and for $3 each, we tucked into an eclectic mix of bread, cheese, dumplings, bacon, salad, fruit, rice, vegetables, soup, noodles, beef stew, sausages, eggs, and just about anything else that gets eaten (or the Vietnamese think gets eaten) anywhere in the world!!

We then walked along the seafront to the centre.

We got a tea, more because we wanted the free wi-fi than the tea too see whether our friend Flic from volunteering who was in Nha Trang had got back to us. She hadn't, so after another wander round, we headed back to our hotel to chill out for a while. After a bit we went out to try and find Flic. We didn't have any luck, so we went to a posh place called Louisiana Brewery. John tried all 4 of their beers for $4, and Susie had a VERY yummy chocolate cake for $2. Yummmm! We were going to have a swim in the pool that they have for free use, but it started to get a little rainy and it was very windy, so we decided against it in the end.

We set off to walk back to our hotel to see if there was any news from Flic, but on the way, who should we see but the lady herself, having a drink on the seafront with her friend Amanda.

They took us to the market, where they did some shopping, and we just window shopped, seeing as we had no money left after Hoi An! It was great to see Flic and have some other company! Then we went back to our hotel, chilled out and then headed out to meet Flic and Amanda for dinner.

We had a tasty tasty seafood hotpot for dinner, had a couple of drinks, and then went back and got a fairly early night, to recover from our overnight trip from the night before!

The next day we had noodle soup (called Pho, and it's the Vietnamese FAVOURITE THING EVER. WE just think it's OK, and are getting a little fed up of it to be honest!) for breakfast. We then walked out to a mud spa that Flic had recommended. It was further than we expected, at 6km, and down a rather muddy track. We definitely don't recommend walking it!

At the, rather posh, spa, we opted for the decadent 900,000 dong ($45) package for the two of us. In hindsight, it probably wasn't worth it, and the public mud/hot baths would be good enough, but we decided that after our horrible long bus journeys we'd earnt some pampering! Our time included 20 minutes in a warm mud bath - rather satisfying but horrible, but left our skin feeling silky smooth - followed by 45 minutes in a secluded little bath of our own, where we got given water and fruit, and into which they put some bags of herbs, which smelt nice, but made us feel rather like we were being made into a cup of tea!! Then we had a 30 minute massage - John's first ever - that was lovely, and left us both feeling very pampered! Then we could have gone swimming afterwards, but were both feeling too nice and soft skinned to want to go in the water again! It was a lovely couple of hours!

Then we went back to the city (getting a $3 taxi this time) to meet Flic and continue our extravagant day by having lobster on the beach for lunch! It was cooked by a lady who had a BBQ right on the beach, and we sat on a blue tarpaulin to enjoy it. It was slightly stressful, due to the wind and the waves that came right up to where we were sitting, but the food was delicious! We only paid $15 between us for 3 crabs, 3 lobsters and 3 shrimps! It was fantastic, and great eating right on the beach too, even if there were lots of people around trying to sell us stuff!

We topped off our day of luxury by having cheesecake and beer at Louisiana Brewery again, and then having another massage in an open hut right next to the beach. Ahhhhh, bliss!! Our day had been rather extravagant and luxurious, but the whole thing only cost us about $35 each, which is only 22 pounds! Not bad, when you consider the massage alone would be more than that at home!!

We then headed back to our hotel, where John started to feel a bit ill, so Susie headed out alone to meet Flic for dinner. They had a good chat over dinner, but the Indian restaurant we went to was very disappointing. Boo! Susie then said goodbye to Flic, and we arranged to meet up again in Saigon, when we were all there in a few days.

We went to bed, ready for an early start the next day to head to Dalat.

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