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Never share dorms with Russians or drunks.

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After the amazing and exhausting day at the elephant sanctuary, we were looking forward to getting a good nights sleep. Unfortunately, that was not to be! We were staying in a 20ish person dorm, and unluckily for us there were some interesting characters in there too! As we were sat in bed reading, a very strange Russian guy came up, once to John and once to both of us, showing us something on his laptop. We thought he wanted help, but he said no and seemed to just want to show us google :s He was very strange and starey too, but after we ignored him for a while, he went away, and we thought nothing of it. Then after we'd gone to bed, we heard a commotion from the next set of bunk beds over, and after a lot of confusion, it turned out that the strange Russian guy had tried to get into bed with a middle aged Australian woman who was there with her husband and teenage daughter! Apparently he didn't just get out straight away either! The husband was (understandably!) very annoyed, and took hold of his shoulders and asked what was going on. The Russian didn't seem to understand anything and kept lighting a lighter, which he was using as a torch, in the mans face. It all looked very menacing! Eventually the receptionist moved the Russian into another room and we all got back to sleep. However, the nights adventures weren't over yet! A couple of hours later John felt someone get into bed with him, straddle him (so he had his bum pretty much in John's face!) and then get out the other side. This person then continued onto the next bed, where the dad of the Australian family was sleeping. Susie woke to him exclaiming "Not you again!", obviously assuming it was the Russian. They rushed out to tell the receptionist, who was very confused, as she'd been keeping a watch on his room to make sure he didn't come out! It turned out that it wasn't the Russian, but a drunk English guy who'd come back from a night on the town! After this, the dorm finally settled down to sleep, and, strange as it might sound, the next time we woke up, it was morning!

The next day we set out to do some sightseeing of KL. First we went to the Masjid Jamek mosque and had a little look round, but it was quite unexciting really. So we soon went on to Berjaya Times Square. I am informed by Wikitravel that it is the 13th largest shopping mall in the world, with 12 floors, and a total of a total of 3.5 million square feet of shops. Thats a lot of shops! We went to try and buy John the next book in his book series, but their only book shop was closing down, so we had no luck. However, the mall itself is an experience! So so huge - it just goes on forever and ever.
And on the 7th floor of it, there is a theme park, which includes a massive rollercoaster, and several other rides! It's so ridiculous, and you have to keep reminding yourself that it's on the 7th floor, within a shopping mall!

On the way back, we stopped at a tasty Muslim curry house (our favourites!) for an early lunch, and then went back and moved hostels (to a cheaper one, since the one we were in wasn't worth the extra money). After we'd settled in, we went to get a fish spa in the Central Market, where they were offering 10 minutes for 5RM (1pound). Since they have these in England now, most of you probably know what they are, but for those of you who don't (Dad), it's where you go and put your feet into a fish tank with this special type of fish in it, and they nibble all the dead skin off your feet. It doesn't really hurt (except where Susie had cut her foot before and one stupid fish kept sucking her blood!) but it tickles A LOT. John did not appreciate it at all with his super ticklish feet, but the fish must have had a feast because our feet were lovely and smooth afterwards.

We then headed to Taman Tasik Perdana, which is a massive park in the middle of the city. We wandered around a bit, past various different tourist attraction options, but decided instead to just head to a big lake and sit and chill out and play scrabble for a while. A long while as it turned out, because the rain started, and it was so strong that we decided to stay in our little hut by the lake until it cleared off. We made friends with a local guy who was similarly sheltering, and gave him a small English lesson about the words we added to scrabble! 2 scrabble games later, when the rain finally cleared, we headed back to the centre. We got dinner at some stalls in Chinatown (tasty tasty satay sticks and weird rice squares and a disappointing rice claypot), and then went back to out hostel, watched an AWFUL film called Dragon Wars that was like watching a really bad computer game, and then went to sleep.

The day after we had a chilled out day. We has breakfast at another Muslim curry house, then walked to the train station, where we were going to get the train to the airport from that night. It was a long and VERY HOT walk there, but we were still thinking that we'd walk that night, until the guy in our hostel warned us that there had been lots of occasions of muggings, so we decided to get a taxi instead! After that stupidly hot walk, we chilled out in our hostel for most of the rest of the day, seeing as we had done pretty much everything that we wanted to in KL. In the evening we went to the same curry house we'd had breakfast in, and had our last Malaysia roti canai :( sad times!

We then went back the hostel where we looked through all our flight info and realised that we didn't have anything that said we'd paid for our bus to the airport...and on checking we realised that we were about 10sen (about 2p) short of having enough money for the internet to check whether we needed to have another page or not. It was an entirely ridiculous situation, and in the end we solved it in a slightly immoral way, by John keeping a lookout and Susie using the laptop of the other people in our dorm since they'd left it on their bed while they'd gone out. It was stressful, but we established that there was another page just before another person from our dorm came in and we panic-ly closed the windows and got (quickly and nonchalantly) into our beds! We had a good chat with the guy who came into our dorm. He was a local who was staying in the hostel whilst the people lived with had guests to visit. His English was fantastic and he gave us some interesting insights into local life. He had travelled quite a bit too and gave us some advice for our future trip. After that, we went to sleep early, seeing as we were getting up at 2am to get our flight to Siem Reap in Cambodia for our volunteering.

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