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Malaysia is TOO HOT.

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So after our EPIC journey, we made it to Georgetown, to a lovely hostel, the Red Inn. Friendly staff, small dorm, lovely layout with a big chilling out area, and yummy breakfast (Susie especially likes the banana bread. Yum yum)! Our favourite hostel so far definitely!

Georgetown itself is nice, but John wasn't feeling very well (he's all mended now though, so don't worry Mummy!) and it was SO SO hot that we took things pretty slowly really. Over the 2 1/2 days we were there, we did most of the touristy things that were within walking distance, as well as spending quite a bit of time at the hostel watching episodes of House (getting our Hugh Laurie fix!).

On the first day, we went to Fort Cornwallis in the morning, a British built fort on the seafront. There's never been a battle there, even in World Wa 2, and it was a bit pointless really, but Susie locked John in a dungeon, and John liked the cannons, and since it only cost 2RM (40p) each, it was probably worth it! As we walked back from the Fort, we went into the State museum, mainly because it cost 1RM (20p) each, and had air conditioning! It was quite interesting, with lots of information about the history of Penang, but the best bit was a games section where they had traditional games to play. Unfortunately the instructions didn't really make sense, but there was a draughts board, and we used a bit of artistic licence and guesswork and played the other games too!

After Susie was John's little slave girl and fetched him lunch to the hostel, we went for a wander to look at several temples around the area we were staying in. I'm afraid I can't tell their names as there was about 6 and they were very similar so they've all blended into one a little bit! At one of them there was a lovely friendly old man, who hardly spoke any English, but was obviously a bit of a fan, because he proudly showed us a massive portrait of the Queen that he had in a room next to the altar, and then later brought out a newspaper article from 2004 from when Tony Blair visited Georgetown!

The following day we set off to visit two temples that were supposed to be really lovely. According to the map, we just needed to follow the road down and they should be obvious - I mean how hard can it be to find 2 massive temples??? Apparently very. After going to another (wrong but still very pretty) temple, getting very hot and flustered, having an argument then asking a passerby, we eventually found them. First we went to Wat Chayamangkalaram, the largest Thai Buddhist temple in Malaysia. It was very pretty, with a ridiculously big lying Buddha!

We then went over the road to Dharmikarama Burmese Temple, which was much more spread out, with lots of little shrines and garden bits and things. The temples were very pretty andmight have been worth all the stress involved in getting there! We then walked back along the seafront, keeping our eyes peeled for something to eat. A long, hot walk and a drinks stop later, we found a restaurant that served up really tasty curries on a banana leaf. It was very yummy and the novelty of eating off a banana leaf instead of a plate certainly added somethin!!

We walked back to the hostel, and spent the rest of the afternoon recovering from all our walking by watching House :)

In the evening we headed to a Muslim curry house, and after a ridiculous situation where we ordered drinks, then spent about 10 minutes wanting to order food but being too scared to catch a waiter, in this very locals place, when they seemed to be ignoring us! Susie was brave eventually though, and we order very very tasty food, which we ate with our hands (something we're getting used to as hardly any of the curry places offer cutlery - it's surprisingly satisfying!). Both of us agreed it was the best food we'd had so far, and it only cost us 10RM (£2) for both of us to eat, and including drinks! We want this place round the corner all the time! Unfortunately we didn't have a chance to eat there again, as it was off to Kuala Lumpur for us the following day.

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