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Today was our first full day, and we certainly made the most of it!

After a rather disturbed nights sleep (our beds are by the door of our 24 person dorm, and a group of stupid people arrived at 3am with hundreds of wheely suitcases, which they took in and out a million times, as well as switching on and off the light switch about a hundred times), we had a lazy morning, not getting up until 10:30am. We showered and had a piece of toast for breakfast, with the most dubious jam/jelly stuff on - it had the consistency of really runny honey, but not sticky, and looked like jelly, and tasted like sambuca. Apparently its soe bean paste, but its one Asian food John and I could do without! We then headed out to wander into the city centre. Luckily, it wasn't too hot - no hotter than when we arrived last night - and so we managed the mile or so without fainting! After a while, we walked past some escalators set into a hill - random - which we just had to try climbing! We went up and found ourselves in Fort Canning Park. This is where Raffles, Singapore's "founder" (well, the British guy who went over and claimed it after the Singaporeans threw out their old Sultan, apparently because he spent all their money on lots of food!) set up his house in 1819. He chose it because of the view, but unfortunately there are a lot of trees and too many tall buildings for there to be a good view now. However, it was a nice place for a wander round and a chill out.

We then wandered down to the river and along to the harbour, where we took a picture of a lion statue, just because all the other tourists were. We discovered later that Singapore in Malay means Lion city, and its named because someone thought they saw a lion (apparently it escaped their notice that lions don't live in SE Asia, and it was actually far more likely to have been a tiger). The lion statue marks the spot where Raffles first landed in Singapore, so I guess it is good we took at photo after all! We walked round the little bay, marvelling at the arina Bay sands hotel, which is 3 giant skyscrapers, with a pretend boat across the top of all three, with a garden and a swimming pool on it! Since we haven't uploaded any photos yet, you'll have to get the idea from this photo, courtesy of google images!

As it then started to rain, it was a quick march over to Chinatown to get roast duck and rice and chicken noodles for lunch - a wallet friendly £1.25 each. Yum! We wandered round a bit more, making notes of things happening in the next few days - it's the id autumn festival this weekend, which is apparently a big deal, so there's lights up everywhere, and performances and things tomorrow night, which we're hoping to head down to.

After a bit more wandering, we went to meet John's friend Paul. After getting a little bit lost (we were meeting outside starbucks and there are too many!) we met up and he took us to the swanky Swissotel, where we got in a lift which had buttons for floors 4, 5, 69 and 70! Up we went to be greeted by the most amazing view! Turns out this is the highest in Singapore you can get as a member of the public and it was incredible! We had a few drinks (2 beers cost the same as a night's accommodation - oops - but the view was worth it!! We met a few of Pauls friends and went on a wander round the harbour. We then went to the Hawker centre near Paul's house and ate chilli sting ray, chicken legs and fried rice. It was really tasty :)

We finally got back at about 10pm, where we checked about our train to the Perhentian Islands for monday...turns out it is fully booked so first hing in the morning we're heading to the train station to book whatever we can! We both felt exhausted, but jet lag soon set in, and neither of us got to sleep until after 2:30am, which when the alarm is set for 8am is not a good feeling!

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